Using the Alphabet as a literal and metaphoric reference, my paintings proffer a dialog on the unique history and beauty of divergent cultures that equally celebrate their individuality and collective influence on our world's narrative - past and present.

While each painting employs the distinctive attributes of one culture and country, their imagery and symbols emblematic of that culture's rich and textured heritage, they are representational of collective continuum of humanity.


Boris Giulian utilizes his role as an artist to convey the essence of beauty in its countless assorted forms, to create a spirit of hospitality and a point at which all can meet.


Seventh UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said that “artists have a special role to play in the global struggle for peace.” To that end, both as an artist and a citizen of the world, Giulian’s work is composed with thoughtful intention toward harmonious coexistence. Realizing art as that rare medium which has the ability to open doors to worlds little known or understood, Giulian paints to loosen the strictures of stereotypes.



“Alphabets” calls for an occasion to closely observe—rather than listen to—another’s mother tongue, to appreciate, and to inspire discourse across any barriers of time, distance, politics, race or religion. Speaking to our shared humanity, ultimately, “Alphabets” suggests that though we speak different languages, we are intrinsically one.

In this series, the alphabet is used literally and figuratively to identify the attributes of a nation through the very symbols of its language. Each image portrays singular beauty in its characteristic hieroglyphic expression, visually engaging language as a mode of cross-cultural communication and a means to embrace the beauty of diversity.

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